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Show the pets in your life how much you care by outfitting them with bandanas that read: “Paws for Parkinson’s... Digging for the Cure.”

Check out Walk 2010 photos to see how the bandanas look on different dogs. 

Bandanas are available online or by calling the Chapter office at 630-933-4392. The suggested donation is $5 each.

Help raise awareness of PD

Expanded line of PD Tulip products
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If you like wearing your PD Tulip pin, you will enjoy our new PD Tulip key ring and the pendant, which now comes with your choice of three long cords... blue, red, or gold. All PD Tulip jewelry items are in stock and ready for immediate shipping with your suggested donation of $5 each. 

Designed by a woman from Seattle with young onset Parkinson’s disease, the PD Tulip has become a nationally recognized symbol for PD awareness, much as the pink ribbon is for breast cancer. Karen Painter’s tulip is unifying the national PD organizations and their individual chapters, independent regional PD groups, people with Parkinson’s and their family and friends, nurses, neurologists, research scientists, and pharmacists.

The PD Tulip is a reminder that regardless of affiliation, we are one community working toward common goals: to help PWP live better longer, and to discover better treatments or even a cure.